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Tuesday, 14 December 2010


This is our final post we have finished our project! We've really enjoyed working on our music video project, it's been hard work but also really rewarding. I think our website, album cover and music video are really professional and we have all enjoyed working as a team and were all really sad this is our final post :'(


To the moderator

Dear Moderator

This blog belongs to:

Tom Aston-4045
Ciara Borkowski-4125
Jessica Ball-4070
Hugh Donnelly-4255

First of all, thank you for taking the time to look through our group blog. On the right you will see a bit about us,links to our individual blogs and links to our website and also a link back to the teachers central blog "Latymer Music Video"

Our group blog consists of research, planning , production and parts of our evaluation that we did as a group. You will find that our whole evaluation is on each of our individual blogs. Our evaluations are in the form of pictures, videos and text.

We chose to produce an album cover and a website homepage as our ancillary texts to our music video, which are at the top of both our individual blogs and group blog.

Use the labels on the right to find different section of our project, hope you like it all!


Tom, Hugh, Ciara, Jess

Monday, 13 December 2010

Evaluation Question 4

Here is the video we all created to use in our question 4 in the evaluation.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Evaluation Question 3

Here is the video of the screening that we edited to form part of our evaluation

Evaluation Question 1

Here was our group response to the question:

Videos we've referenced in our evaluation

JLS - Beat Again

JLS - One Shot


We intially tried to email Sony asking for copyright permission for the song 'Just got Paid'. Unfortunately they did not get back to us and so we were left unsure wether it would allowed on youtube.

However after placing our video on Youtube Ms Blackborow recieved an email that the content had been accepted and we were allowed to keep our video up without breaching any copyright issues. This has solved any issues we had.

Friday, 3 December 2010


We have discussed as a group our ideas on how we want to present out evaluation. This is how we have broken up each question

Question 1- Making a video

  • JLS-One Shot- Comparison video
  • Ciara-Goodwin Theory
  • Hugh- Album Cover Anaylsis/ conventions
  • Jess- Website coventions
  • Tom- Vernallis Theory
Question 2- We will present this question individually on our blog

Question 3- We have a screening video, questionaires,target profiles, small amount of writing individually

Question 4- Technical video showing equipment etc or we can do a picture of the equipment